I’m Dave Jewett, Author of the Bankster Chronicles series. I am also the webmaster for this site.

As a student of history and money, I have an extensive background in economics, monetary systems, rare coins, and precious metals. I also work as a consultant and systems architect, and I live in the mountains of Eastern Washington, in the service of my two cats.

Thirty-some years ago, I listened to a lecture in ECON-201 – Macro-economics. The Instructor discussed the money supply, the multiplier effect of additional money, and the multiplier effect of an increase/decrease in the velocity of money (‘multiplier’ is a measure of increased economic activity due to an increase in the money supply and/or (money) velocity – that is, how fast money changes hands). The Instructor mentioned in passing the notion of money creation – and he spent, maybe, 30 SECONDS DESCRIBING HOW MONEY WAS CREATED!

I distinctly remember this moment, because I did a double take. Yet it was not until later, after several years of studying economics and markets, that I actually dug deeper into the theory of money. And the more I studied, the more certain I became that our monetary system is deeply flawed and inherently corrupt. I also became convinced that our system of money was at the core of our economic issues – in short, the ability to conjure money from nothing lends itself to all sorts of corruption and distortion in the markets, the economy, and in government.

What you see here, in my books and on this site, is a passion that has developed within me over the years of my research. My intention is to present issues on money within a framework of reality and morality. I believe our system of money is at the root of the death of our country, if not all of western civilization.

I hope you find the content on this site, as well as that which is contained in my books, useful and of interest. I welcome constructive comments that are focused on related issues. . . And thanks very much for visiting this site.

– Dave Jewett

An important note about this site: I am not an investment advisor. Nor am I qualified to give investment advice. Nor does this author provide investment advice. If you desire investment advice, I recommend that you see a qualified investment advisor.