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The Bankster Chronicles is historical fiction.  It is a series of novels that chronicles the banksters’ relentless pursuit of world domination through their power to conjure money from nothing.  Each novel covers a particular period of history and the events that occurred during the period.  The historical period and events are real; although the characters that wrap around these events are often fictional.

When you read this story, it will challenge your most basic beliefs about power, and about money.

Books 1 and 2 of the Bankster Chronicles have been released.  These first two books together comprise a complete story, bringing the reader to a future possible ending.  The titles of these first two are:


Books 3 through 6 are planned for future release and will fill in the substantial back-story between 1750A.D. to 1945A.D.  Titles for these novels are still to be determined.