Michael Pento-When Central Banks Lose Control Bubbles Will Pop

Jim Sinclair-Silver Will Be Gold On Steroids In Coming Rally

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Secret Group Controls The World

Fair use . . . for educational purposes. http://www.stockmarketsreview.com/extras/secret_group_controls_world_326682/ December 12, 2013, Thursday, 13:29 GMT | 08:29 EST | 18:59 IST | 21:29 SGT So who really controls the world? The Illuminati? Freemasons? The Bilderberg Group? Or are these all red herrings to distract your prying eyes from the real global elite? The answer, like most topics worth exploring, is… (more…)

Popping CNBC’s Bubble, and Corruption at JPMorgan

The Million Dollar Question: When Does the COMEX Default?

The Million Dollar Question: When Does the COMEX Default? Fair Use . . . http://silverdoctors.com/the-million-dollar-question-when-does-the-comex-default/ When you look at the math, especially the supply/demand and inventory/delivery “math” there is only one question that remains. The question is not whether the PM’s are grossly undervalued. It is not whether supply can meet demand. It is also not whether known inventories can… (more…)

The Bankster Chronicles Are Here!

  The Bankster Chronicles – Trailer  

Money as Debt . . .

Money as debt . . .  

Breaking News!

Tungsten-Filled 10 Oz Gold Bar Found In The Middle Of Manhattan’s Jewelry District It is one thing for tungsten-filled gold bars to appear in the UK, or in Germany: after all out of sight, and across the Atlantic, certainly must mean out of mind, and out of the safe. However, when a 10 ounce 999.9 gold bar bearing the stamp… (more…)